Friday, August 26, 2011

Halloween Pumpkins

I bought these last year from the $ store, but I never had the time to finish them. I spray painted one black and one white.  To be honest, I had a vision, but the white one looks horrible! Complete FAIL!!! So, I will go back and try to do something else with it.
I should have left it like this! lol

I added some tape to it, thinking it was going to come out pretty cute!

And this is the mess it came out to be! lol.
On the other hand... here is my black one that I am in love with!

Perfect! At least I think so!!

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Wall Cherub

I love going to Savers and seeing what I can find. I love doing "make overs" on EVERYTHING! This week I found a ugly gold cherub that had a lot of potential.  I still needed something to add to my bathroom where my flowers are on the wall.  So, I bought it for $5.00.

 What I love most about this Cherub is there is a place to put flowers on the top!

Here is a close up of it's face. I think it is so beautiful.
I was not sure what I wanted to do at first. I finally decided on spray painting it black with a little pink on top. Here is how it turned out.
I added some red, white, and pink flowers on top to match the other flowers on the wall. I am still not sure it is the exact pink I want, but I am still happy with how it turned out! I might go back a little later and do more of a baby pink.

Here is a closer look. I'm sorry the picture isn't any better. I do not have the best camera.

Tree Tag Blanket

Here is my other tree tag blanket. Funny story... this was the first one I have ever made.  When I was sewing, I accidentally sewed all the tags on the inside, instead of the outside.  I was so upset!! But, I guess I will never make that mistake again! I love doing the tree and the leaves by hand. I think it really adds something to the quilt.
On the back of this one, I sewed together 4 squares. I just wanted the baby to have a little bit more textures.

This was all made from fabric that was left over from other projects! I love when it works out like that!

New Followers!

 I just want to say a quick THANK YOU to all my new followers! I am so happy that I can share some of my creativity with people and they actually enjoy it! So, I hope you keep leaving comments because it makes my day!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Flower Strip Blanket

I love making strip blankets! They are so much easier than squares! This is for my daughter's room. Her colors are brown, pink, and green. I made my own flower and embroidered it on. Its not perfect, but I really like it!
My daughter would not leave it alone long enough for me to take a picture!

For the back I picked he brown and white dots! And I binded it with pink binding.

Ladybug Tag Blanket

I came up with this idea a long time ago, but I have not had the time to actually do it until this week.  I actually made this for a friend's baby that was born 6 months ago! lol. I just made my own ladybugs and stitched them onto the background fabric. Then I added the ribbon to it all! I love these ladybugs! I cant wait to make some more!
For the back, I just used black. Nothing really special.

Friday, August 12, 2011

Journal Cover

I have had this journal, or really a "quotes" book for a really long time. I was bored one night last week and decided that I wanted to add a cute cover to it.
 Here is what it looked like to begin with.
Pretty plain. I'm sure you can see why I wanted to add to it.
I love pink and black, so those were the colors I went with. Then just added some ribbon. I like how it looks. I would like to add my initial on the white part, but have not found the letter font I love yet!

What do you think?

Welcome Home Uncle Ethan

My brother-in-law, Ethan, came home from his mission in Guatemala this week.  We were all so excited! He has 2 nieces and 2 nephews, 3 of which he has not met yet! I thought it would be cute to give all 4 of the kids a shirt with a different word on it. So, when they stood together it would say, "Welcome home Uncle Ethan". Here is what it turned out like!
Getting ready and super excited!

Finally.... after waiting hours at the airport, Uncle Ethan got to meet the newest additions to his family! Crazy how much changes in 2 years!

Christmas Ribbon Wreath

This is by far one of my favorite projects. I LOVE LOVE LOVE ribbon! This was my first attempt at a ribbon wreath.  So, instead of sewing  the ribbon in strips or hot gluing them to the wreath, I just pinned them with straight pins. I wanted it too look the way I wanted it too before it was more permanent. But it is so cute and I will for sure make many more!
I started just by wrapping a ribbon all the way around the wreath.
Then I just looped the smaller pieces of ribbon then pinned them down.
Last, I added the big bow on top to add a little something to it!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Showing Off my Son's Talent

Keldon was bringing home stuff everyday from school that he would do. I had no where to put it! So, I came up with this idea! I just spray painted a board and added the vinyl letters. Then I painted the close pins and hot glued them on. Super easy!

Paper Lollipops

These are just some paper"lollipops" that my mother in law and I made for Halloween.  They are so cute when put into a vase. And super easy to make!

Halloween Lights

I went to the D.I. and bought these jars all for less than $2.00. Then I went home and painted them.
I love the color purple for Halloween. After the paint dried, I added the faces to the jars.

The Frankenstein is my FAVORITE!!! I made the bolts for his head out of water bottle caps. I painted them then glued them on! They all sat outside my front door with candles in them! Super Cute!!!

A Baby Gift

One of my good friends had a baby this summer and I wanted to make her something that was personalized. So, I just kinda played around until I came up with this idea.  He room is painted yellow and her accent colors are pink, green, and blue.  I just happen to have this board and paper. I painted the board pink, then put the paper on with mod podge.

I did the same thing with the letters of her name. Except, with the E, I used glitter.  I also made the little flower for the dot of the I. Then I just glued the letters on the board.

Last, I added hooks and the ribbon! I just love the way it turned out!

Halloween Wreath

I was feeling festive for Halloween this year.  I saw this wreath on another blog and just fell in love with it! The best part... I made it for only $3.00!! Everything was bought at the $ store!
What you'll need:
1. A wreath
2. A plastic table cloth (I wanted to use orange and purple also, but they only had black in)
3. Little skeletons
4. Ribbon (which I already had)
First, just take a strip of the table cloth and wrap it around the whole wreath. Overlap as you go also.

Next, I cut strips just big enough to wrap around the wreath and tie it in a knot. Just repeat until the whole wreath is covered.  I added my ribbon to add some color after that. 

And last, I just glued on the skeletons. Super simple!

Prayer Train

When I was in primary for church, they taught us how to pray with using a train as an example.  My son was having a really hard time knowing what to pray for. So, my mother-in-law cut out and engine, 2 train cars, and a caboose. On the engine I wrote "Dear Heavenly Father", the train cars, "We Thank Thee" and "We ask Thee", and finally on the caboose, "Amen"  We made of list of things we were grateful for and things to ask for. And hung everything on the wall.  My son really picked up on it.  After a few months, we took the list down and just kept the train up on his wall as a reminder. I love this idea!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wedding Reception

Here are some pictures from my wedding reception. But, I can't take credit for everything. My friend Anna really helped out so much. She is so talented! I think she should start a wedding business!
 These were our center pieces.  I used old formula cans.  I painted them green, orange, yellow, pink, and purple. I couldn't decide on only a couple colors, so I picked all of them! Then I wrapped the ribbon around them.  Anna made all the signs for them.  She also came up with the idea of the grass in the can and the candles on the side.  I found these suckers at a little shop in Highland. The night before the reception, I noticed that my son ate 3 of the suckers and we were short! I had a little bit of a panic attack! lol. Luckily, my mother in law was able to pick some more up that day.
I really wanted candy at my reception since I love candy so much.  I would just buy some little by little every week.  I made the sucker stand just out of a pyramid and ribbon.  Anna came up with all the labels and the sign for the ribbon.  We had little bags for guests to put the candy in, then tie them with the ribbon cut. I love all the wheat grass! Anna's idea was perfect! She did all the set up of the candy table! I can take no credit for that at all!

What I loved most about my reception where my lanterns! I just love that look! I use them for every shower I host now!
And these amazing pictures were taken by my good friend, Mallory!

Diaper Cake

This is only my second diaper cake I have made. It was for my best friend, Amie. I did have some help, from Trisha and Mallory! I have some more ideas that I would like to try.  For now, this is the best I have done! lol.

Some New Stuff to my Bathroom

I hate how plan my walls are in the bathroom on the main floor.  I have always wanted to change it up, but never really knew what to do! This week I was at IKEA picking up some picture frames when I saw these stickers on clearance for only $3.99. I HAD to get them! This was my plain white wall before the decor was added.
Not bad, but it just needs something more!
This is PERFECT for it! 

I added a little vine about the towel hanger too. The bathroom looks much better!

Remade Chandelier

After seeing so many cute chandeliers redone on so many blogs, I decided I wanted to do one too. I kept looking for the right now. I found this one on KSL for FREE!!! So, i jumped on it right away!
I was not a fan of the color, but I loved the design of it! So, I covered the light bulb outlets and spray painted it red.
These were the shades that came with it, I couldn't decide if I wanted to use them or not, but I eventually decided to add them.
My mother in law helped me out with the shades. I found this amazing ribbon that was perfect for it! So, she wrapped the ribbon around the shades. I love how they turned out!

And here is my chandelier hanging up! The red of the paint looks brighter than the ribbon, but they are actually a perfect match. My flash from the camera just threw it off a little bit!

I might add some jewels or something later on, but for now, I like it this way!