Friday, July 29, 2011

Picture Block

So, I won't lie. I stole this idea from another blog. I made this way back at Christmas time, and for the life of me, I can not remember what blog it came from! I am so sorry!
**UPDATE** I found where this idea came from today! Its at
But, this person had a great idea... I just made a couple changes to it! It was really made to hold a mini photo album, but I never got around to that part! lol.  The square part of my stand, I added pictures of all my mother-in-laws grand kids.  I love the black and white dots! They are super cute!

Name Blocks

My sister just built a house, so I wanted to help her out with some of the decorations.  My nephew is a huge BYU fan! I wanted to do something cute for his room in his name.  I bought these blocks, letters, and BYU scrapbook paper.  First I painted the blocks then added the paper and letters.  I think it turned out super cute! And Cooper loved it, so that is all that really matters!