Sunday, September 25, 2011

Kollins Room

I have put up a few more things in my little girl, Kollins, room. I bought most the tree and animals from Target on clearance.
I have always loved this tree with the owls! I was so excited when the price went down.

These flowers under her window, I actually got from the $ store. I love them!
I made the letters awhile back. I painted them brown first, then I added the paper.
I put the paper in a pattern. I like how the turned out, but next time I think I would only cover half the letter with paper.

I bought the butterfly from Roberts and just glued it on the circle that I painted brown.

And here are the owls I put up about her crib.

I also put some lanterns up in the corner. I think it is my favorite part of her room.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Love for the Grandkids!

My mom has 6 grandchildren. 4 Girls and 2 Boys. They all call her Grandy! For a gift, I put this little idea together!
My sister's family is on the left and mine on the right. I painted the blocks black, then used mod podge for the scrapbook paper. Grandy's love is vinyl.

I also added a letter for each child's name. My two youngest are both K names, that is why there is only one K.
I only used double sided tape for the pictures... this way it is easier to change out the pictures as the kids get older! My mom loved it!

Pumkin Fix!!!

Do you remember this pumpkin that I painted and ended up hating??
Well... I decided to try something else to fix it up! I put purple and orange ribbon around it! I think it turned out 100 times better!!!

What do you think??

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Kitchen Chairs

About a month ago I decided I needed to redo my kitchen chairs to match  my kitchen table. It has always bothered me that they do not match. When my husband and I got married, we used his table and my chairs! They started out with white paint and a light stain.
This was the first time I have ever tried to redo furniture. I like these chairs, but they were bought from an old friend, so I figured why not try it out on them? I wanted a darker stain to match the table and I wanted to paint them red to match my chandelier. They did not come out perfect, but I am happy with how they look. And the match so well!

Here is what they look like up close. After I painted them, I added some stain on top. I love it!
After I get my table cleaned off of all my craft stuff, I will take a picture of it all together and add it! lol

Whats a FAN to do???

This week BYU played Texas in Austin.  These are my 2 favorite NCAA Football teams! I have been looking forward to seeing this game for so long! I just wish I could have been there. But, I celebrated at home!
I made this wreath to show both of my teams some love!

I wrapped the whole thing in black fabric first. Then I just tied knots all the way around of the different colored fabric.  I painted the Y and UT. I hot glued the football and the letters on.
Next, I really wanted to make some leggings for my little girl. I could not find anything in the color of burnt orange ANYWHERE!!! But, I do live in cougar country, so that might explain it. So, I brought out this old pair of PJ's that are too short for me.

I cut the legs off so I could still wear them as shorts.  Then I used the legs and sewed them up for my daughter. It really took no time at all. Maybe 10 mins all together.
I think they turned out really cute! And her hair bow was made by a friend of mine, but it has both colors in it!
My kids are so cute!
Now, don't judge me by this picture! It was a long day and I didn't have time to get ready! lol
This picture shows my shorts. I didn't do anything to them after I cut them.
It ended up being a great game! Texas won in the end by 1 point!