Sunday, September 25, 2011

Kollins Room

I have put up a few more things in my little girl, Kollins, room. I bought most the tree and animals from Target on clearance.
I have always loved this tree with the owls! I was so excited when the price went down.

These flowers under her window, I actually got from the $ store. I love them!
I made the letters awhile back. I painted them brown first, then I added the paper.
I put the paper in a pattern. I like how the turned out, but next time I think I would only cover half the letter with paper.

I bought the butterfly from Roberts and just glued it on the circle that I painted brown.

And here are the owls I put up about her crib.

I also put some lanterns up in the corner. I think it is my favorite part of her room.

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  1. So cute! I love how the letters turned out. You picked such pretty paper for them. And I love your daughter's name. I saw your comment on another blog and am a new follower. Vicky from