Friday, August 12, 2011

Christmas Ribbon Wreath

This is by far one of my favorite projects. I LOVE LOVE LOVE ribbon! This was my first attempt at a ribbon wreath.  So, instead of sewing  the ribbon in strips or hot gluing them to the wreath, I just pinned them with straight pins. I wanted it too look the way I wanted it too before it was more permanent. But it is so cute and I will for sure make many more!
I started just by wrapping a ribbon all the way around the wreath.
Then I just looped the smaller pieces of ribbon then pinned them down.
Last, I added the big bow on top to add a little something to it!


  1. Ohhhhh! That's so pretty! I must try this soon!
    Thanks for linking up at Growing up Gardner!

  2. I think that is adorable! It would also be a fun way to use up all the ribbon scraps in my closet that are too short to be of much use anymore. Thanks for the idea!