Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Remade Chandelier

After seeing so many cute chandeliers redone on so many blogs, I decided I wanted to do one too. I kept looking for the right now. I found this one on KSL for FREE!!! So, i jumped on it right away!
I was not a fan of the color, but I loved the design of it! So, I covered the light bulb outlets and spray painted it red.
These were the shades that came with it, I couldn't decide if I wanted to use them or not, but I eventually decided to add them.
My mother in law helped me out with the shades. I found this amazing ribbon that was perfect for it! So, she wrapped the ribbon around the shades. I love how they turned out!

And here is my chandelier hanging up! The red of the paint looks brighter than the ribbon, but they are actually a perfect match. My flash from the camera just threw it off a little bit!

I might add some jewels or something later on, but for now, I like it this way!

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