Saturday, October 29, 2011

Hallway Table

I am so so so excited about this project! I have been looking for so long to find a table to put in my hallway to be able to decorate! I went to a garage sell and found this piece of furniture. I think it used to be a bookshelf, but I am not sure. I just knew how much potential it had!
I sanded it down a little and filled some holes that were on the side and sanded those down.

I have never had any experience with filling holes... but I was happy with me work! lol.
After I filled the holes, I painted it black.  Then, I added wrapping paper that I got at Hobby Lobby to the shelf. And here is the final project....

I added some fall decorations. The picture is of my wonderful father when he graduated high school. He passed away very suddenly in April and this has always been my favorite picture of his.
Here is a close up of the paper. It is a lot harder than I thought it would be to put in on the shelf. There are a few wrinkles... but it adds character! lol

This beautiful plate was given to me by my mother in law last year! Love it!!!

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