Saturday, October 29, 2011

Bedroom Art

I am still trying to get my bedroom put together. I needed something for the walls. So, I made this painted. I really like how it turned out.
Little by little my bedroom is coming together.

Night Stand

While I was at Savers one day, I found this night stand.

There were a couple things wrong with it. Including the draw had broken off on the corners some. But it was only $6.00 and I just couldnt pass it up. 
I am doing my bedroom in yellow, gray, and tourqois. I know a lot of people are doing that now... but I just love it!
I painted it, then I added a new knob that I got from Hobby Lobby. I love that store! I also added some gray scrapbook paper to tie in the colors of the bedroom a little more.

You can really see the missing wood, but I still just love it!
Looks perfect right next to my bed!

Hallway Table

I am so so so excited about this project! I have been looking for so long to find a table to put in my hallway to be able to decorate! I went to a garage sell and found this piece of furniture. I think it used to be a bookshelf, but I am not sure. I just knew how much potential it had!
I sanded it down a little and filled some holes that were on the side and sanded those down.

I have never had any experience with filling holes... but I was happy with me work! lol.
After I filled the holes, I painted it black.  Then, I added wrapping paper that I got at Hobby Lobby to the shelf. And here is the final project....

I added some fall decorations. The picture is of my wonderful father when he graduated high school. He passed away very suddenly in April and this has always been my favorite picture of his.
Here is a close up of the paper. It is a lot harder than I thought it would be to put in on the shelf. There are a few wrinkles... but it adds character! lol

This beautiful plate was given to me by my mother in law last year! Love it!!!

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Heart Shaped Picture Display

I saw this idea on Pintrest! I feel in love with it right away! I did fewer frames that I had seen and I added our name and wedding date in the middle.
Ignore the empty frames! I still have 3 5x7's to get!

They are still a little crooked too! lol. I guess its a work in progress.
It is in my living room and I think it's perfect!

Fall Decorations

I put up a few fall decorations in the house.
I love these flowers, but I am not good at actually putting a flower arrangement together! But, I keep these on my table anyways!

I made a few changes on my chandelier. I took off the lamp shades and added some fall colored beads to it! I honestly love it so much more that I did before!

I put some leaves up above my pantry.
These are the flowers above my cabinets in my kitchen.
And last, my little shelve in my dinner room... I am still not sure if I like the candles or not.

Here are some close ups of my wreath I made.

Halloween Decorations

I have had no time at blog at all! So I am playing catch up today!!
I put up all my decorations today and I am so excited about them!
Here is my front porch.
Everything that I have outside, I either made it, or bought it at the $ store! So, it was not expensive at all!
This is the wreath I made! I saw sooo many ideas on pintrest and I combined a few of them. I bought the spider web and the wreath from the $ store. I spray painted the wreath gray. I had everything else at my house.

For the flower I just inked the edges with black and glued the spider on.
I love the chris-cross of the ribbon!

My luminaries that I made last year!

Spiders all over my front window.
This is what I have inside. I did mostly fall decorations inside, so I only have one little corner for Halloween.

Very simple. My painted pumpkin, orange candles, and my paper lollipops.

Love it!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Kollins Room

I have put up a few more things in my little girl, Kollins, room. I bought most the tree and animals from Target on clearance.
I have always loved this tree with the owls! I was so excited when the price went down.

These flowers under her window, I actually got from the $ store. I love them!
I made the letters awhile back. I painted them brown first, then I added the paper.
I put the paper in a pattern. I like how the turned out, but next time I think I would only cover half the letter with paper.

I bought the butterfly from Roberts and just glued it on the circle that I painted brown.

And here are the owls I put up about her crib.

I also put some lanterns up in the corner. I think it is my favorite part of her room.